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Drilling Capabilities, Methodologies and Applications

  • Experienced Turnkey Directional Driller for Mining; Oil and Gas; and Civil Industries [Vertical] on Air and/or Fluid. > 8.5 MM feet of horizontal boreholes and laterals drilled to date.

  • Vertically and Horizontally Integrated with Innovative Built-for-Purpose Equipment Design and Fabrication Specifically Tailored for Applications [One-Size DOES NOT FIT ALL]

  • Dual Well Under-Balanced Drilling Methodology [for under-pressured formations]

  • 1st to Drill Horizontal Wells: Berea and Venango SS; Lower Huron Shale

  • Developed, Mixed and Pumped Polymer Gel to Plug >200 Miles of Horizontal Wells with PolyAcrylimide Water Based Gel [plugging prior to mine-through]

Built-for-Purpose Equipment Design and Fabrication

  • High capacity permissible underground rigs and modified surface horizontal rigs

  • Permissible Cabled Steering System called MagneStar MWD

  • 120 Single and 480 Double Mast; TopHead Pull Down Rigs; Polymer Gel Mixing and Pumping Machine

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