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TD's Patented Under-Balanced Drilling Well Methodology

A vertical borehole can be drilled from the surface and turned into a horizontal direction upon approaching the coalbed, called Coalbed Methane (CBM) Well. Once in the coalbed the horizontal borehole can be usually be continued for thousands of feet to provide a long collection system for methane or greater degasification area. Other horizontal boreholes, or laterals, can be drilled off the same borehole section in various directions and patterns to provide even greater degasification and methane capture from the single initial borehole. 

Key Technical Features of TD's Patented Dual CBM 

  • Cased curve isolates water from other formations

  • Reduces Torque and Drag to Drill Laterals >6,000'

  • Connector Intercepts Vertical Well and Terminates

Proven Benefits of TD's Dual Well System

  • Gas Recovery with Multiple Laterals

  • Vertical Production from Gravity Drain Laterals

  • Provides Formation Geologic Information

  • Large Footprint of >500 Acres

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