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480 Double Mast Tophead Pulldown Rig

The 480 Double Mast Tophead Rig was designed to drill shallow horizontal wells with total MD of 14,000 feet even with formation true vertical target depths of 1000 feet, and for tophole and large diameter vertical wells [~24-inches diameter]. Ideal for Utica Tophole drilling with 480,000#'s holdback and computer controlled Iron Roughneck for make-up torque.

TDI 480 Tophead Pull Down

TDI 480 Tophead Pull Down

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480 Tophead Pulldown Features

  • Tophead Built into the mast

  • 480,000# holdback capacity

  • 80,000# pulldown capacity

  • 35,000 ft-lb top drive rotary torque

  • 4” kelly line 5,000 psi

  • Hydraulic bail extension/retraction

  • Top Head Drive guide bell

  • Work platform for maintenance

  • Computer controlled lighting system

  • Top Head Drive backup clamp for Wet Pull DP Disconnection at High Kelly

  • Top Drive stays on Mast during transport

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