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  • Target Drilling, Inc. is an 100% owned and operated U.S.A. company.

  • Most experienced and efficient directional driller in the industry.

  • Only directional drilling company with both underground and surface vertical to horizontal directional drilling capabilities

  • Drilled over 8.5 million feet of precision underground and surface boreholes

  • 230 underground boreholes drilled with lengths over 4,000 feet (more than the rest of the world combined)

  • Longest underground precision coal borehole in the U.S. – 5,560 feet

  • Developed proprietary polymer gel and plugged > 200 Miles of degas coal laterals & boreholes

  • Directional drillers have an average of 17 years of experience

  • Recognized by both MSHA and State Mining Agencies

  • Design and fabricate built-for-purpose underground and surface rigs; and borehole navigation equipment

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