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Using Horizontal Drilling Technology for Controlled Acid Mine Water Gravity Drainage

Horizontal directionally drilled boreholes can be drilled into specifically targeted low points of abandoned mines, spoil areas or water pools.  These boreholes create a tunnel or pipeline from the water pool for controlled gravity discharge to the start of the drilled borehole where it is cased and wellhead installed.

Advantages of Using Horizontal Boreholes

  • AMD Horizontal Boreholes providing gravity drainage "passive system - no pumps"

  • Borehole shut in capability during and after drilling. 

  • Borehole may be lined or unlined


  • The ability to intercept multiple pools of mine water from one borehole.

  • Horizontal boreholes can be drilled over a long distance and around obstacles

  • Require little or no maintenance



Watch Now

TD utilizes an MSHA approved  borehole navigation system which minimizes risk of drilling in an active or non-active mine with potentially explosive mixtures of methane and air.

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