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  • Over 200 miles of in-mine borehole and surface CBM Well coal laterals, including sidetracks, plugged with over 1,000,000 gallons TD's proprietary polyacrylimide gel mix. Gel samples mixed 2018 remain in gelled state (see bottom left). 

  • TD provides its proprietary polyacrylimide gel mix and pump to plug Surface CBM coal laterals and in-mine horizontal degasification boreholes.

  • The gel effectively squeezes into the fracture system of the coal displacing gas and water.

  • With an affinity to attach itself to everything, the gel adheres to the inner wall of the borehole providing an impenetrable skin, minimizing gas and water migrating back into the borehole as evidenced by mining into the boreholes.

Polymer Gel Plugging

Polymer Gel Plugging

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